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Concerts in the Catacombs: Memento Mori

"In the heart of Green-Wood Cemetery, hidden on the side of a grassy knoll, an inconspicuous iron door leads deep into the earth. Rarely open to the public, the Catacombs are one of Green-Wood’s most spectacular gems. Dating to the 19th century when the Catacombs provided above-ground interment within its numerous vaults, the smooth stone that comprises this long, tunneled burial space offers a special reverb for musical offerings.

Join Atlas Obscura and Green-Wood Cemetery, as they launch for the first time ever, Concerts In The Catacombs. For this summer series, each night will be an immersive experience with artists specifically curated for the Catacombs. From the avant garde to electronic, classical to rock, this won't be your normal musical experience.

In a culture that glorifies the material pursuit of youth, Atlas Obscura's Memento Mori Catacomb Concert kick-off event is a moment to reflect on mortality and the moment. Memento Mori is the Latin phrase for "remember death." And though a grand precedent of memento mori exists in physical art, a specific lineage of music is difficult to trace. The works chosen for the evening are an attempt to embody the concept in arrangement, spirit, and space.

The evening's performances will feature the Ladies of the Veil Orchestra and Raya Brass Band. The event is curated by Field Agent Adriana Molello, who helped direct other Atlas Obscura events such as Into the VeilSecret Mausoleum Club and the Great Forgotten Garden Party."